LFL Monitoring in Ovens, Dryers, and Incinerators

Many chemical processes involve coating a product with a flammable solvent or mixture of solvents and then heating them in a dryer, batch oven, reactor or other source. The solvents evaporate off in the heating process and are directed to an incinerator for destruction, leaving behind the finished product.

In addition to the solvents, the atmosphere may also contain moisture, halogenated hydrocarbons, silicones and other unknown substances.

Danger is present when hazardous buildup of flammable vapors in the atmosphere gets rich enough to ignite or explode.

Application Spotlight: Chemical Processes

Chemical facilities use a variety of hazardous gases and solvents in their production processes. Whenever these substances are transported, processed or stored, the potential risks are high for hazardous conditions. These substances must be continuously monitored to protect personnel and facilities from accidental releases or leakage.

A Pulp Mill In Action

For the past few weeks we've shined the spotlight on the pulp & paper application.