For the next few weeks we're going to look at some application examples from our Chemical E-Book, this week we'll focus on: headspace monitoring.

Collection tanks can contain a complex mixture of materials and hazardous chemicals, many of which are present in the headspace of the tanks.

These need to be vented to the atmosphere to prevent potentially flammable concentrations of gases in the tanks. To help prevent fires & explosions, the headspace needs to be monitored.
A manufacturer of industrial inorganic chemicals wanted to monitor the tank headspace for flammable gases and vapors to prevent a fire or explosion.
They needed an analyzer that could handle measuring the unknown and varying types of combustibles (HCs and non-HCs) that might be present.

  • They chose to monitor the headspace with a PrevEx Flammability Analyzer. This analyzer is well suited for this demanding application. It has the unique ability to accurately measure the total flammability of all constituents in the process stream, even if they are unknown.

For more details read the case history.

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