In their Energy Tip Sheet #11 the US Department of Energy recognizes that LFL monitoring equipment, like the PrevEx Flammability Analyzer, can improve the efficiency of the solvent removal process and significantly lower process energy requirements.

These Tip Sheets are a part of the DOE’s “BestPractices” program and can be downloaded from their website at:

“BestPractices is part of the Industrial Technologies Program Industries of the Future strategy, which helps the country’s most energy-intensive industries improve their competitiveness. BestPractices brings together emerging technologies and best energy-management practices to help companies begin improving energy efficiency, environmental performance, and productivity right now. BestPractices emphasizes plant systems, where significant efficiency improvements and savings can be achieved.”

The PrevEx Flammability Analyzer’s unique design and operating technology makes it the optimum solvent vapor analyzer for industrial processes. By installing Control Instruments’ PrevEx Flammability Analyzer, a continuous solvent vapor analyzer, you can reduce your ventilation rate which ultimately saves money on fuel costs.

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