Are you operating in unsafe conditions to meet your productions goals?

Is it because your current LFL system is down for repair? You’re waiting long lead times for spare parts to arrive? Or is it because the technology or capability of the system is outdated?

Worse yet, if your LFL system is down, then who is watching over the safety of your plant & personnel?

Eliminate the questions surrounding your LFL System and pursue an upgrade path today!

Staying Safe

Safety directives from various agencies have changed over the years to reflect the many scientific advances we have made as a society for our workforce, the environment, and a company’s facility. That’s why its essential to make sure that your current LFL system is operating up to code and under the safest conditions possible.

Eliminating Downtime

In the event that your monitoring system needs emergency repair, because its a standalone unit and easy to install, the PrevEx allows for 24-hour turnaround with our off-the-shelf program (and even less time if a spare unit is kept at your facility!). Plus, since the common controller is eliminated, each zone can be operated individually, with uninterrupted service should one system go down.

Parts Readily Available

Many of our older systems have not been manufactured since the year 2000, which means that certain parts are just not available or have long lead times, sometimes from 4-8 weeks.
However, with the PrevEx all parts are readily available and quickly replaced when needed, so when you want to inspect or service an analyzer the job is fast and easy. We even offer a special selection of spare parts that comes packaged together in a convenient customized case, allowing for easy re-ordering or replacement parts.

Newest Technology

The PrevEx offers on-board diagnostic for predicative maintenance and troubleshooting, automatic calibration, automatic ignition in case of flameouts and eliminates all potentiometers and manual adjustments.

Less Maintenance

An upgrade to the PrevEx simply means your maintenance commitment will be reduced. In fact, we offer yearly preventative maintenance contracts, designed to proactively maintain the proper function of your analyzer. This ensures that your system maintains peak performance, on a regular and continual basis. It also allows our certified field service technicians to plan ahead to meet your needs, greatly reducing emergency repairs and unplanned downtime.

All of this adds up to your plant operating at peak efficiency, which means staying safe AND productive.