Is Your Old Oven Obsolete? Safety and Performance Improvements for Baking and Drying Applications

Baking and drying ovens have been workhorses in the food, textile, and paper industries for many decades – and many oven users have clung to decades-old equipment because profit margins can be low in their industry. Although many of these older ovens still function with roughly the same level of consistency, certain newer technologies can result in reduced operating costs and lower risks to production and personnel due to fewer shutdowns.

The Safety and Performance of your Printing Line: Summary

When selecting a flammability analyzer, it’s always a good idea to enlist the advice of a specialist in the field. Do not assume that the analyzer which was correct for a previous job will also be the right choice for another application. Whether new or similar, the specific details of each application need to be examined closely to prevent disaster.

The Safety and Performance of your Printing Line: Flame Temperature

The flame temperature analyzer measures the amount of heat given off by a pilot flame as it burns in an explosion-proof measuring chamber. The small, well-regulated flame heats the tip of a temperature sensor suspended directly above it.

The Safety and Performance of your Printing Line: Infrared Absorption

Combustible gases absorb infrared radiation at certain characteristic wavelengths. A typical non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detector passes a source of infrared energy through the sample and measures the energy received by one of two detectors. The active detector responds to wavelengths in the same band as the sample gas, while the other detector measures a reference to compensate for changes within the instrument.