Check out our infographic explaining the top 3 reasons to use the PrevEx, our flammability analyzer for lower flammable limit monitoring (LFL/LEL), on oxidizers.

Thermal oxidizers are used to destroy the VOC's present in many industrial ventilation, process exhaust and waste air streams. As their use increases, so does a unique opportunity.

  1. BE SAFE  - NFPA 86 defines direct-fired thermal oxidizers as Class A Furnaces mandating the use of continuous flammability analyzers on inlet streams exceeding 25% LFL. The analyzer should activate warning & danger alarms before the inlet stream reaches 50% LFL (above 50% LFL is not permitted), this can save the oxidizer from destruction by fire or explosion. The inlet streams of most oxidizers contain a mixture of VOC's in differing proportions and concentrations. Oxidizers used for waste gas destruction often process streams of unknown content. In either instance, using an analyzer capable of measuring the true flammability of mixed vapors is imperative for safety.
  2. SAVE ENERGY - The fuel value of VOC's present in the air stream, flowing through a modern thermal oxidizer or incinerator, can greatly reduce the consumption of natural gas as the primary fuel source. Some oxidizers become self-sustaining, with VOC streams as lean as 5% LFL. 
  3. LOWER FUEL COSTS - Instead of heating up excess ventilation air in the oxidizer to its process temperatures, a flammability analyzer can be added to help put more solvent into the oxidizer. This will reduce the amount of fresh air needed to be heated, which will provide a substantial cost savings.

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