Hazardous gases or vapor-producing liquids are transported, used and stored in the production plant of chemical facilities. In any of these operations there exists the possibility that the hazardous gases or liquids could accidentally leak or spill into the surrounding area.

  • Pumps, control valves, piping systems, manifolds, expansion joints, connection nozzles and gas cabinets are some of the potential sources for leaks or spills. With so many opportunities for leakage, continuous monitoring of such hazards is an essential part of keeping the plant safe and minimizing product loss.

Monitoring the area of the facility requires a gas detection system that can provide multiple channels of continuous detection for wide area sensing, offering maximum coverage. The detection system should be specifically designed for area monitoring of hazardous gases & vapors including combustible, toxic, hydrocarbons & oxygen. 

  • Our SmartMaxII system can continuously monitor and control the readings from as many as four sensors. It is fully equipped with all the alarm, display, and output features you need, including on-board relays, 4-20mA output and RS-485 serial port.

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