Continuous Measurement for your Flare Stack

As we talked about last week, continuous monitoring of the waste stream is necessary to identify the minimum heating value (which also helps determine if it can be used as a standalone fuel source) and ensure proper combustion efficiency.

BTU Monitoring in Flare Stacks

Waste products are collected from various processes around the chemical facility and are sent to a flare stack for destruction. EPA code 60.18 states for optimum combustion efficiency of the stack the waste stream must run at a minimum heating value of between 300-450 BTU/ft3.

Continuous monitoring of the waste stream is necessary to:

Chemical Processes in Real Life

For the past couple weeks we've discussed LFL monitoring in chemical processes, the WHY & the HOW. Now let's see WHAT some real life examples look like (hint…they all have a common theme, they NEED an analyzer that can handle the uniquely tough chemical environment!):