Process tools are enclosed areas in which specific wafer processing functions occur. Any process tools handling flammable gases require a hazardous gas detection system to ensure safety and be in compliance to codes. The FM standard states that “ventilation shall be provided for all tools handling flammable and combustible liquids. Ventilation shall be provided to ensure the atmosphere does not exceed 25% of the LEL (LFL) in the event of the largest possible leak.”

The equipment contains exhaust ducts to remove the hazardous gases. Detectors are located in each process control cabinet and exhaust plenum to monitor the atmosphere for % LFL/LEL. When an alarm occurs the process is shut down and the gas supply to the tool is turned off. Some of the process tools that need to monitor for flammable gases include furnaces, reactors, alcohol vapor dryers and ion implanters.

  • Our catalytic sensors are typically used to monitor flammable gases and vapors in the 0-100 % LFL/LEL range. The sensor is a high performance design that offers fast response, high accuracy and long life. It is stable and has superior tolerance to catalytic poisoning agents.

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