For the past few weeks we've shined the spotlight on the pulp & paper application. We've discussed the basics, the problems and how to solve (solve, solve, & solve!) them; now let's put those words into action and take a look at a real life example.

A pulp & paper customer of ours, who manufactures and markets bleached paperboard for the high end segment of the packaging industry, wanted to monitor their NCG stream and detect and divert dangerous concentrations before it could cause damage and shut down the mill. 

They were looking for an analyzer that could handle sampling a dirty, high water vapor atmosphere with a wide range of gases and vapors present, so commonly found in pulp mill applications. The PrevEx Analyzer, Model SNR674, was chosen for the job. The reasons why:

  • It functions accurately and reliably in the dirty, humid environment of the pulp mill 
  • It has a simple flow system with no capillaries that can clog or pumps that can fail 
  • Operates at high temperatures so water droplets and mists are maintained in a vapor state throughout the sampling process, avoiding condensation, clogging and other maintenance problems 
  • Unique ability to monitor the non-condensable gases in terms of percent flammability rather than percent by volume, reporting the total concentration of flammable material entering the recovery boiler (this is an invaluable feature when monitoring samples that may have additional gases present!)
  • High sampling speed dramatically improves response time, allowing valuable time for corrective action before NCGS are diverted from the recovery boiler and vented into the atmosphere

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