The flame temperature analyzer measures the amount of heat given off by a pilot flame as it burns in an explosion-proof measuring chamber. The small, well-regulated flame heats the tip of a temperature sensor suspended directly above it.

When a flammable sample is drawn into the measurement chamber it is seen by the pilot flame as an additional source of fuel. This causes the temperature in the area of the pilot flame to increase. Since the meter knows that the increased temperature can only be caused by added fuel (the sample), it rises above zero in direct proportion to the flammability of the sample.

  • The dynamics of the flame temperature analyzer give it highly uniform response factors for a wide variety of combustible gases, resulting in readings of unparalleled accuracy.
  • The Flame Temperature device is Failsafe: if a malfunction condition occurs, a Fault relay changes state, which is hard-wired to corrective action in the same manner as the Danger relay. This allows the operator to be alerted if a fault condition occurs during operation. Additionally, advanced self-diagnostics tracks performance and displays messages regarding service needed, so that maintenance can be scheduled, avoiding shutdown due to a Fault condition.

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