Elementale Enterprises joins Control Instruments as Representative

We are pleased to announce that Elementale Enterprises Inc. of Conroe, Texas will be representing CIC products in the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Safety E-Book: Basic Principle of Safety - Human Error

This month's Safety E-Book topic highlight is: Human Error. 

Hazard indicators can significantly reduce accidents, but some people disobey them, committing a human error in judgment. Their actions can result in death, injury, and property damage.

Safety E-Book: Basic Principle of Safety - Accident Triangle

Over the next few months, we're going to focus on our Safety E-Book, our first topic is: The Accident Triangle.

For the next few weeks we're going to deep dive into our Chemical E-Book, our first topic is: Ovens & Dryers.

Safety E-Book: Fire & Explosion Protection

Our goal is to first EDUCATE our customers in understanding gas hazards, then assist them in selecting the appropriate equipment for each application.

Our new e-book, Safety: Fire & Explosion Protection, examines the following topics:

Chemical E-Book: Flare Stacks

This week's Chemical E-Book topic highlight is: Flare Stacks. 

Waste streams consisting of gases and other unknown substances are collected from various chemical processes and sent to the flare stack for destruction. 

Chemical E-Book: Boilers & Turbine Engines

This week's Chemical E-Book topic highlight is: Boilers & Turbine Engines 

Chemical processes can produce a uniform synthetic gas (syngas) that is used to power turbine engines.

In order to optimize engine performance, the total calorific value of the syngas must be measured.

For a more detailed look at this application, check out this case history:

Clint Barth to join Control Instruments

We are pleased to announce that Clint Barth will be joining our team as a Technical Sales Engineer in March of this year. 

Clint has an extensive background in project, business, and technical service management, electrical and controls engineering, and software integration. Clint will be based In Green Bay, WI. 

We are very happy to have Clint on board and look forward to introducing you to him in the coming months.

Welcome to CIC Clint!

Chemical E-Book: Pressure Swing Adsorption

This week's Chemical E-Book topic highlight is: Pressure swing adsorption

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a widely used technology for the purification of gases. A system of vessels is used to alternate between adsorbent filled vessels, one vessel being on line and removing moisture at high pressure, and the other off line releasing the trapped moisture at low pressure, to thoroughly dry a gas.

Chemical E-Book: Outlet Oxidizers

This week's Chemical E-Book topic highlight is: Outlet Oxidizers. 

PPM measurement at the outlet of the oxidizer ensures that it does not exceed emission levels. In addition, by monitoring at the inlet and outlet of the oxidizer hydrocarbons can be measured and compared before and after processing, indicating efficiency.

Happy Holidays 2019